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 Learning should be more than just an event, but a series of experiences where people can continue to develop their skills and talents over time.

As an experienced LEADER in learning and development, I partner with organizations and teams in setting and driving a global learning strategy.  


As a STRATEGIST, I collaborate with leaders and teams, to help identify business gaps that can be addressed through innovative learning solutions ensuring that the approach aligns with the organization's brand, culture, and strategic priorities.


As a DESIGNER, I work with teams to identify the learning strategies and modalities that create an ideal and inclusive learning experience for the target audience. 


As a PROJECT MANAGER, I lead the overall development process from end to end, managing large project teams and vendors while maintaining effective communication and engagement with clients, stakeholder, subject matter experts and leadership.

Currently based in the Washington, DC area, I have experience leading and managing remote teams globally. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with family and four-legged friend Jax, traveling and exploring new places, gardening, serving as volunteer leader for Outdoor Afro leader, and doing outdoor activities.

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