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The role of hotel bartender as changed as guest expect a full, unique and personalized experience while staying at the hotel.  The hotel bartender not only needs to be a master of their craft, but also a hotel service expert.  BarArts' goal was  to elevate the skills of all bartenders globally through a 3 level skill-building program. The first phase of the project focused on an extensive need and stakeholder analysis, as well as, a review of existing program.  The second phase focused on development of the BarArts live course and concept and prototypes for the BarArts digital course.


  • Phase 1- Content Review and development, stakeholder analysis: 4 months

  • Phase 2- Course development and pilot: 4 months

Computer desktop
Team Building

Program Components: 

  • eLearning modules

  • Demonstration videos

  • Workshop Guides

Tools Used:

  • Articulate Rise

  • inDesign

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Frame i.o

  • Smartsheet

  • Wipster

  • Microsoft Teams

Project Team: 

  • 3 internal project team members

  • eLearning vendor

  • Video vendor

  • Workshop vendor

Role and Contributions:

  • Project strategy and concept development

  • Curriculum design and development

  • Project management

  • Stakeholder management and communication

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