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Our campaign is working towards a New Deal for Greenbelt which honors our collective history and re-envisions a new and vibrant future for all Greenbelt residents. We want to help tell the story of Greenbelt and what makes it such a dynamic community. Our city is a small but mighty community that embraces people from all backgrounds and cultures and the council should reflect this diversity.

With the political, social economic, and environmental challenges facing even our small city, the work of the council should be to nurture the collective spirit and interests of the community, amplify the voices of all residents, and ensure that there are systems and platforms in place that help us operate effectively, connect with one another, and celebrate our progress.

Our platform will focus on key issues critical to the health, safety, and vitality of all Greenbelt residents.

Our mission is to serve the COMMUNITY, build CONNECTIONS, and inspire COLLECTIVE ACTION.


One Greenbelt Together.

Our vision is a Greenbelt that is:


Support economic development that aligns with community priorities.


Expand awareness and increase access to recreation and arts programs for all.


Increase access to safe green spaces throughout the community and promote sustainable practices.


Provide opportunities and resources that enhance personal growth, well-being and quality of life.


Ensure access to safe, affordable and quality housing options and homebuyer assistance.

Neighborhood Advocate

Our campaign is committed to bringing all neighborhoods within Greenbelt together and expanding opportunities for residents to connect and engage with each other right outside their doors.

Committed to Community

Danielle and her husband, Darian, along with their dog Que, have been residents of the Greenbelt Station community since 2018. For the past two years, Danielle has served on the Greenbelt Station neighborhood Homeowners Association, first as a member of the Grounds Committee and recently as a Treasurer and member of the HOA Board of Directors. In her role on the board, she works with her fellow board members to continue to make the neighborhood a safe and dynamic place for current and future residents.

Danielle founded the Greenbelt Station Greenspace Collective which is dedicated to creating and maintaining safe and inclusive green spaces for the residents of Greenbelt Station and the surrounding neighborhoods to use and enjoy for outdoor recreation, gardening, sustainability initiatives, furthering food security, and building community connections.

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Danielle worked with Greenbelt city officials and the Neighborhood Design Center to engage the community and create a greenspace master plan. This plan is intended to guide future planning and decisions on how to enhance the public spaces in the community.

Danielle is also a member of the Greenbelt Community Garden. An avid gardener, she is passionate about growing and planting her vegetable and herb garden and meeting other neighborhood gardeners, sharing stories, and learning about the history of the gardens and connections to the community.

Travel and Outdoor Enthusiast

When not in the office or volunteering in the community, you will often find Danielle somewhere outside or pursuing a new travel destination. Her love for both began at an early age as she learned about many of her grandparent’s adventures across the country in their RV or while participating in outdoor activities as a girl scout. Her parents introduced her to a host of outdoor and travel experiences. Today, she serves as a regional volunteer leader for Outdoor Afro, which celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. In this role, she leads activities including biking, hiking, skiing, adventure racing, and gardening.

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