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  • Writer's pictureDanielle McKinney

The Journey Begins

Today I picked up my candidate packet. The first step in my campaign to run for Greenbelt city council. I'm excited about the journey and really curious to see what I will learn along the way. My first stop was in my own neighborhood where I picked up my first signatures on my petition to get on the ballot. Fifty signatures are needed to get on the ballot. While, I have lived in Greenbelt Station for over 4 years and sit on the HOA board, this is a great opportunity to connect and learn more about what is on people's minds. What are the big issues they are most concerned about? What are the things they are most passionate about? How can I serve the community and be a voice for all residents? I'm looking to answer these questions and more over the next 11 weeks. Let the journey begin! #mckinneyforgreenbelt #daniellemckinney

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